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Even in an on-demand, one-click digital age where our living rooms provide instant access to endless forms of entertainment, Americans continue to flock to movie theatres.  It's where many of us had our first date.  It's where we go on a rainy day, or a cold January night just to get out of the house.  Whether it's the Cineplex or the Drive-In, it's truly a unique and familiar ritual that unites us all:  The smell of the popcorn, the usher ripping your ticket, the PREVIEWS, and of course the feature presentation.  Something about a movie on the big screen feels different than it does on a flat screen, on your couch.  


At CineMobile, we recreate the movie magic you've grown to love right in your own backyard. We offer the perfect way to recapture one of America's favorite past times....for a price that isn't far removed from your typical trip to the movies!  You choose the movie, and we'll take care of all the details!


Mobile Movie:  

Big Picture.  Big Sound.  Our LARGE screens, HD projection, and state-of-the-art sound system provide clients with everything they'll need to host a movie night of epic proportions. Our "Usher" will be on site to ensure a seamless screening, and coordinate with you in advance to select the perfect flick from your collection.  You'll even be able to send us a personalized "trailer"....a custom video message to all of your guests prior to the main attraction


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