When Jeremy Braza created The Dance Floor DJs in 2013, it was the next logical step in a DJ career that set a standard of excellence in radio and nightlife throughout New England.  Jeremy's interest in music started at a young age, hearing stories of his great grandfather's pioneering in music that allowed him to perform for US Presidents and dignitaries at the turn of the century.  After spending the better part of two decades rocking parties and the airwaves, Braza's legacy was clear - to raise the bar of what a private event could be, and deliver an experience that shatters the perception of what they used to be.


Setting a new paradigm in mobile entertainment would be no easy task, and Braza understood a "collective" of talent would be essential in realizing his vision.  As business quickly exploded, he turned to longtime colleague Jeff Durand to help keep up with the sudden wave of interest in The Dance Floor DJs.  Durand was an ideal choice as someone who shared the company's ethos for hard work, consistency, and an unyielding passion for music and DJ culture.  Jason Stout, a former colleague of Braza and Durand at the world's largest DJ manufacturing company, was next to come aboard.  Jason's technical knowledge is virtually unrivaled in the industry, and added a dimension to the company that would allow for awe-inspiring production as the company grew into larger-scale events. 


While the company grew, Jeremy, Jeff, and Jason were growing families as well. Aside from hundreds of events per year, the team welcomed three baby girls and a baby boy, and celebrated an engagement and marriage!  These formative years were marked by a delicate balance between personal lives and professional success, and it was the team's commitment to each other that helped them rise to the occasion.


By 2018, The Dance Floor DJs were hitting an unbreakable stride.  Braza knew the future was bright, and it was time to add top-notch talent to the roster. Adding Drew Girard, Justin Dupont, and Derek Cardoza gave The Dance Floor DJs a collection of talent that would leave future clients in very capable hands, and allow Braza to channel his focus into the growth of The Dance Floor DJs

The company is now poised to break new ground in 2019 and beyond.  First and foremost, we continue our commitment to performing at the most memorable weddings in New England.  However, the best is yet to come!  We are working diligently on innovative ideas, and immersive events that can only be achieved with our collective skill sets and an inventory of cutting-edge sound, lighting, and video technologies.  While we expect you'll be seeing us at an ever-increasing number of high profile public venues, we want to reiterate that our obsession for quality at private events has never been more pronounced.  


Cheers to what the future holds!